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Station Generator is now on Steam Greenlight please go vote for it! Every vote counts! If/when the app is on steam, a key will be provided to anyone who already owns a copy of Station Generator
Need to generate a space station for a sci-fi themed table-top session? Station generator does exactly that, by allowing you to generate a massive variety of space stations in an instant. Anyone can use this tool easily.

Use the included presets, or delve into the various options to design your own specific station, or just choose the size and type and go.

When you've got the station you want, you can save it as a .png file and print it and hand it out to your players, or upload it for your Roll20 game.


  • Basic, standard and advanced control modes
  • 20 Different room types
  • 7 Station types
  • 9 Presets (more planned)
  • 3 Tilesets
  • Input your own RNG Seed
  • Ability to save as a .png in multiple resolutions
  • Soundtrack by Cornelis Jordaan and @amywrdn

This game is in Early Access, with 3 beta's planned before release. The price will rise by $1 after each major release and will total $8 when the game is fully released, so now is the time to purchase!

New to this build V 0.8.0 (Beta 1):
  • Printer ink (greyscale) friendly tile set added
  • Added plain tile set that shows room labels
  • You can now change tiles sets at any time
  • New faster, more efficient station rendering technique
  • New faster, more flexible png rendering technique
  • User editable seed
  • Added dead end corridors
  • Corridors can now be grouped
  • Landing pads can now extend into the space station
  • In app menu refined
  • New menu font
  • New track added by NEON Ultra dev Amy Warden
  • Added Keyboard controls to camera
  • Refined presets backend
  • Add more presets
  • Added Game Recs to credits section of game menu
  • Added more names to credtis
  • All usernames in the credits are now links
  • Added Quit button to title screen
  • Added starfield to menu
  • Added movings stars effect to the menu
  • Added some camera movement to menu
  • Added Greenlight image and link to the menu
  • Set length of menu loadbar to be more accurate
  • Removed all special cases from the value balancer, all 22 room types behave the same now
  • Menu bug where corridor defaulted to number instead of weight, but weight still showed, even in standard mode
  • Fixed bug where room mouseovers could flicker
  • Fixed menu bug where canvas was using wrong reference resolution
  • Fixed bug where reducing room numbers below the total of the grouped rooms locked the app
  • Set default graphical quality setting to Fantastic, as really, it doesn't make a difference at the moment

    You can leave comments here for feedback, or email me at severalbytes ]at[ gmail ]dot[ com or contact me directly on twitter at @ALWyvern if that suits you better :)

    For anyone interested my first game The Willow Effect is available and is almost completely different!

    More information

    Published219 days ago
    StatusIn development
    TagsGenerator, Procedural Generation, Space, station, table-top, Top-Down
    LicenseAll rights reserved
    Asset licenseAll rights reserved
    Average durationAbout a half-hour
    InputsKeyboard, Mouse


    Buy Now
    On Sale!
    17% Off
    $6.00 $4.98 USD or more

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