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Need to generate a space station for a sci-fi themed table-top session? Station generator does exactly that, by allowing you to generate a massive variety of space stations in an instant. Anyone can use this tool easily.

Use the included presets, or delve into the various options to design your own specific station, or just choose the size and type and go.

When you've got the station you want, you can save it as a .png file and print it and hand it out to your players, or upload it for your Roll20 game.


  • German localisation for the user interface
  • Basic, standard and advanced control modes
  • 20 Different room types
  • 7 Station types
  • 12 Presets included, or make your own and save them!
  • Fog of War with line of sight
  • 4 different types of grid and coordinates system
  • 5 tilesets to chose from
  • Room labels for ease of use
  • Input your own RNG seed
  • Ability to save as a .png in multiple resolutions
  • Soundtrack by Cornelis Jordaan and @amywrdn

DLC - All The Early Access Builds

All the publicly released build from before Station Generator even
became a thing! These go back as far as my original project Quantum Wing
which has since been put on hiatus to complete Station Generator.

Early builds are just that, early builds. The package contains the 3 Betas
and 5 Alphas (With one hot fix) exactly as they were released within the
early access program.

What to expect:

  • Bad graphics
  • Lack of sound effects
  • Terrible UI choices
  • A look at the beginnings of a whole other game!
  • See my progress as Station Generator goes from strength to strength
  • Watch the graphics and sound improve over time

This is a history of Station Generator's development, and it wasn't a perfect, or smooth road to get here!

You can leave comments here for feedback, or email me at severalbytes ]at[ gmail ]dot[ com or contact me directly on twitter at @ALWyvern if that suits you better :)

For anyone interested my first game The Willow Effect is available and is almost completely different!

Published Aug 17, 2016
TagsGenerator, Procedural Generation, Space, station, table-top, Top-Down
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
LanguagesGerman, English
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
LinksHomepage, Twitter


Buy Now$7.99 USD or more

In order to download this companion app you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $7.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

Station Generator - V 1.0.2 - 32 bit 39 MB
Station Generator - V 1.0.2 - 64 bit 40 MB
DLC - All The Early Access Builds 242 MB
if you pay $8.99 USD or more

Development log


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Hi, I just bought this generator for my rpg games. It's ok but I miss two important things for me: 

- First: instructions. I don't know what "N", "W", "G" means. Maybe north, west? I don't know. Also there is a draw with the shape of a circle... what it does? It moves all the rooms but I don't know why.

- Second:  drag rooms to order them.

Can anyone help me about the first point? Thanks.

Hey there,

N is the number of that type of room present in the Station, W is how it's weighted against the rest of the room types in the station overall and G is whether or not that room type is grouped together in one spot

The shape options - ie circle, cross etc generate space stations in those shapes

There is a manual with lots of information in the read me file included but it's a fair cop, when the next update finally comes out I'll also include a separate manual as a PDF

Not sure what you mean by drag rooms to order them?

Cheers, AL

Are there any game mechanics to it or does it just build a station, also are you also able to build it or only the "AI" that builds the ship. And is there a free demo or something?

This is for generating space station for use in TTRPG's only, there are no gameplay mechanics as this isn't a game

I am working on an update where you will can design your own stations from scratch but that won't be ready for a while yet

There's no demo I'm afriad

this is awesome!